Ridgeway Gardens, Tring

March 2019 -Electrical and Plumbing

Elite Contracting LTD worked closely with the developer who had a very clear idea how these 7 bespoke executive houses would be completed. We worked from the design stage on each property to ensure they met the client expectations and would deliver a truly great package to the future home owners. Elite Contracting worked exclusively on the mechanical elements of the project, and remained in close contact with the client to ensure total satisfaction.

Works included:

  • Full design of the electrical and mechanical system.
  • Installation of electrical systems.
  • Installation of Solar PV FIT system.
  • Installation of plumbing systems.
  • Installation of underfloor heating systems.
  •  Installation of home network systems.




Ridgeway Gardens, Tring

3rd May 2019


Ridgeway Gardens


Electrical, HVAC, Mechanical, New Build